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Top Foodie Holiday Destinations in the UK


Some people think you should get to know a place or country by the food the people serve and eat, which is true, because food tells stories about the place it originates in and the way people live there. When you think of the UK, however, the first thing that comes to mind is probably ‘fish and chips’, which not only is kind of boring, but also doesn’t tell you much about the country. This is why we’ve created this guide to the best, absolutely must-visit foodie destinations in the land of Her Majesty, the Queen. If you’re ready to salivate, let’s start our tour, shall we?


The first stop for anyone visiting the UK should logically be London, because it’s the capital city, it has the most airports and it is home for the Queen and Big Ben. It is, however, also a great place to eat, as you would expect. In London, you will find everything from pubs, to chain restaurants, to world foods, to street vendors and luxury restaurants with Michelin stars. This is the place to go if you want to try something by Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey, but if you can get in the list among all the famous people, Chiltern Firehouse is the top eatery in the city.

When you’re really ready to start exploring, the first place on your list should be Ludlow, Shropshire. Now, don’t be ashamed if you’ve never heard of the ‘largest town in England’, because it is only a town in the Midlands, after all, but it does take food quite seriously. In Ludlow, you can expect to find a lot of quirky restaurants which serve quite a lot – literally- of tasty food, but the must-visit spot in the area is Mr. Underhills, a restaurant hotel hybrid which, unlikely as it might be, has its own Michelin star to proudly display on their walls.

Padstow in Cornwall is the young upstart on the British food scene. Barely known a decade ago, Padstow now boasts more restaurants per head than any other town in Cornwall. This is thanks largely to the restaurants making the most of the seafood fresh out of the harbour in this seaside holiday resort. Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant is perhaps the best known Padstow restaurant, but Paul Ainsworth at No.06, The Basement and Pescadou are well worth a try for their lovely fish and seafood dishes.

Speaking of Michelin stars, another town you probably haven’t ever heard of but should visit for the food alone is Bray, in the Berkshire area. The little town on the side of the Thames is one of the most famous food destinations in Britain because it is the home of two restaurants with three Michelin stars, one of which being Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, but its gastronomic charms go way beyond the big names which make it popular, so everyone should find a place to east within their taste and budget in the quaint Thames-side town.

Finally, if you fancy something different, Scotland’s Castle Douglas is the place to go. Frequently named as one of the UK’s ‘food towns’, this is the ideal destination for those who appreciate fresh produce and like to cook, even on holiday, thanks to its famous weekly markets. The meat is said to be the best in Castle Douglas, but you can also find great bread and indulge your sweet tooth in the Scottish town.

There’s a lot of to eat in the UK, both in the large cities and small towns. However, true foodies will always try to find the hidden gems of each country’s gastronomy, so if you are one of those people, hopefully this guide has given you a nice roadmap to start your food journey in the UK.

Best Sea Views In Italy


Italy is still the place people visit in hope of finding romance in the canals of Venice or to view famed Roman marvels. The idea of seeing Venice by gondola, viewing Michelangelo’s David and taking a tour to the doomed city of Pompeii can become a reality. For the curious traveler, Italy has so much more to offer than the wonderful food it has become famous for!

Sea view in Sorrento Italy

Sea view in Sorrento Italy by Otberg. Creative Commons

Finding the greatest seaside escapes can be intriguing. Often they may be at the very end of a sandy trail, or far below a beautiful cliff, or maybe even across the bay. It is a fact, that if you plan properly the most familiar of places can also feel intimate. If you want to travel to Italy and you are looking for a seaside escape you are going to be in for a real treat. With a little planning you will be able to see the best sea views in Italy.

One of Italy’s primary tourist destinations, the Amalfi coastline offers several of the best views of the Mediterranean. Traveling along the south of the Sorrentine peninsula which is south of Naples, you will see fantastic views of colorfully dotted villages on towering cliffs that plunge down to the sea below. The small city of Amalfi is the heart of this area with plenty of quality holiday cottages by the sea.

Ravello is located high above Amalfi, along a twisting road. This romantic place is a former holiday place of both Virginia Wolfe and Wagner. On the west side you will find Positano tumbling down the cliffs. This place often draws celebrities and is known for its designer shops. Take a walk in the wooded area of the Lattari Mountains behind the town and relax in the stillness. Sorrento also offers a laid back, but lively base from which anyone can explore the Amalfi coastline. From here you can also take a trip to the beautiful island known as Capri or visit Pompeii.

A visit to Italy will also allow you to discover tiny Liguria which is located in the north westerly area of Italy. This is the smallest region in the country and is crammed full of the most interesting places. Many of the most popular restaurants and hotels are found in this area. Wild mountain passes and several of the more well-known resorts that Italy has to offer, are located in Reiviera di Levante that stretches from the Tuscan border to the Genoa east coast. This is where you will find the fishing village of Camogli and Portofino homes of local celebrities.

Hans Christian Anderson was enchanted by the sandy bays of of Sestri Levante which lie further to the east of this rocky coast. These sandy beaches at Levanto are a major attraction for the Italian holiday crowd. It is easy to take the train from here to the Cinque Terre. These famous five tiny villages are a must see! Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare, cling to the cliffs like limpets, high above the sparkling sea.

Capri is another Italian island that emerges from the Mediterranean waters close to the edge of Naples Bay. This island has been a popular holiday destination since the Roman times and it offers several excellent hotels. It is only eleven square kilometers, but gives you the best of the Mediterranean. A visit to this coastline with many caves will mesmerize you with the stunning blue light of the Grotta Azzura. The movie star atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy an espresso in the main town square, the ‘Piazzetta’ is the center of life out here.

The narrow streets of Capri hold several tempting designer boutiques. This car-free town is the perfect place for that long cool evening walk, after all visitors have left the island. The long sandy white beaches and crystal clear sea of Sardinia’s coast is the destination of choice for Italians. The hot high summers can be real busy. The Golu Su Gorropu, Italy’s Grand Canyon is only one of the beautiful mountain gorges to see on this ‘island of shepherds’.

The largest of the Mediterranean islands, Sicily is located at the ‘toe’ of Italy and offers more breathtaking sea views. Beautiful old aristocratic villas situated here, have become stunning hotels. With sizzling hot summers this island is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. Sicily is full of history and offers the perfect cultural and beach holiday.

This island has been ruled by the Spanish, Normans, Arabs, Byzantines, Romans and Greeks who have all left their distinctive cultural marks. Sicilian food is something everyone should try. Including vegetables and fish, desserts of cannoli with chocolate and ricotta or cassata, washed down with Marsala, and the islands famous dessert wine.

Traveling through Italy will allow you to see some of the most spectacular sights and enjoy the best sea views. From coast to coast, it offers a variety of climates, locations and interesting landscapes which have something for everyone. Exploring Italy’s coastline is an adventure most individuals will never forget. Passing time has not blurred the famous landscape of Italy. Since it is one of the most visited tourist destinations worldwide, a holiday here should fit somewhere into the masterpiece of every life.

Planning Your Ideal Family Vacation: Hotspots in USA for Tourists


Family vacations are exciting and for people looking for some exciting holiday destinations, here is the answer. Any vacation comes alive when the place you select has a certain charm. Tourists in USA have found vibrant places, exotic destinations that are ideal for a family holiday.

Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Here is a list of best tourist spots in USA along with some exciting activities you will find there.

a) Times Square: Famous for its New Year Eve Ball Drop, Times Square has remained a center of change and culture down the ages. Tourists on their family vacation to USA inevitably find their way to Times Square. Nicknamed “Crossroads of the World”, it gets its name from the New York Times newspaper. Close to a million people, gather on New Year Eve to watch the dropping of the ball. It has plenty of neon and electric billboards including those of NASDAQ and Toshiba. Times square has become smoke free.

b) Walt Disney World: Best tourist spot in the world, Walt Disney World stretches out over a massive 40 square-mile area. Apart from four theme and two water parks, visitors get to meet Disney characters, take part in rides indulge in shopping or eat in one of the many restaurants that dot this place. Hollywood Studio of Disney, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Magic Kingdom are theme parks while Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are its water parks. Best place to stay for visitors on their family vacation is at Walt Disney World hotels. There are plenty of hotels in different price ranges to choose from for your holiday stay. One can even stay in a cheaper hotel in Orlando, and commute to Disney World every day for duration of your stay. If you choose to visit at proper time you can partake in events like Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival (Mar 5 to May 18) while in fall you have Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

Most renowned places in USA are as follows.

1) White House: Residence and office of President of United States, White House has fascination for tourists all year round. Today, restrictions exist on tour groups to ten members for fear of terrorist attacks.

2) Golden Gate Bridge: This orange-red bridge is symbolic to both California and San Francisco. This suspension bridge was longest in the world at the time of its construction.

3) Grand Canyon: Tourists on a family vacation in USA will never miss this one. Colorado river formed Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. It has a colorful manifestation combines with its gigantic size to form an awesome show for visitors.

4) Niagara Falls: This wonderful creation of nature is a favorite among tourists. People on their family holiday to the USA revel in this monstrous waterfall, which actually is three waterfalls – Horseshoe Falls, American falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Horseshoe Falls lies within Canada while the other two are in USA.

5) Florida Keys: This tropical island chain stretching for 120 miles around peninsula of Florida is replete with wonderful lush places. Most visited of these is Key West and most popular is its Seven Mile Bridge. US highway 1 extends from Key Largo through to Islamorada, Marathon and then to the Lower Keys before reaching Key West.

6) Las Vegas Strip: Center of world for professional gamblers, Las Vegas Strip overflows with casinos. The tourists on their vacation to USA splurge and hope to win, a fantasy that comes true for some of them. Design of casinos show the care taken to keep the mood of romance and fantasy that is part of every the repertoire of every gambler.

7) Denali National Park: Home to moose, wolves and caribou, Denali National Park has grizzly bears too in plenty. This park has Mount McKinley highest in USA.

Though US is vast with many interesting places for the tourists, one or two are of special interest to tourists on their holiday trip.

A) Grand Rapids and Gold Coast of Lake Michigan

Grand Rapids is as famous for its beer as it is for its art and art festivals. The area has over 20 breweries, and tourists will find events like Summer Craft Beer Festival (Mid-August), Winter Beer Festival and Cool Brews Hot Eats (begins in February) much to their liking. Art Prize, the largest art competition in the world takes place here. Grand Rapids Art museum is ideal for children and family to spend some time immersed in artwork.

B) Jersey Shore: Jersey Shore has an outstanding white shore stretching from Cape May up to Sandy Hook. Made for family fun, this place is must visit on the family vacation itinerary.

C) Kansas City: Fountain wise, Kansas City is comparable to Rome. More than 200 fountains grace this home to National WWI Museum. It is also a center for the African-American community and boasts of several remarkable restaurants.

D) Boston: Boston is center of international events such as the 2014 Figure Skating Championship and Boston Marathon. It holds countless festivals and beer gardens keeping the entertainment and arts scene, thriving all year round.

E) Yosemite National Park: Endless hiking trails in glorious mountain air Yosemite holds a special thrill for families on a USA vacation. Other than Yosemite Falls and Inspiration Point, the huge El Capitan towers over the lush dense forests.

Planning is perfect the vacation spot is divine, so go pack your bags. It is time to call in the guides and hit those holiday spots in USA made for you. Do not forget to enjoy yourself. Useful website:

Campsites are Ideal for Family Vacations


Arranging family vacations can be an effort. They take a lot of research to discover the perfect solution for moms and dads and youngsters. It is necessary to make sure that all family members will enjoy the holiday that you are planning. This can be very challenging in case the kids are a mix of children and teens, as they normally have various wants and requires when it concerns holidays. However it is possible to reserve a vacation that vacation everyone will delight in.

One excellent location for family camping holidays in the UK is Cornwall. Frequently voted the very best vacation location in the nation, Cornwall has lots to provide for young and old. There are loads of excellent sandy coastlines, amazing coastal views and countryside to check out.

Typically Cornwall vacations involve long periods at the beach or a tour around the area. However, in the last few years, there has actually been a growing trend for households to select from a large range of holiday vacation types and experience based journeys.

The first place to begin when preparing a trip to Cornwall, it is to find the perfect lodging for your holiday. Holiday parks normally provide inexpensive and budget-friendly deals for families for stays in holiday lodges and cabins. If you are traveling on a tight budget, another thing that you can consider is to go on camping trip and vacation on a campsite in Cornwall. This is a great way to visit the area and a type of accommodation that can be enjoyed by family members of all ages, especially young children who will delight in the wide open spaces and the journey of camping in camping tents.

Cornwall Campsite Children

There are many superb Cornwall campsites that you can select from. These parks are located in beautiful areas on the coast or in the middle of the countryside, where you can get amazing views and reconnect with nature. This is especially important and therapeutic for visitors from large towns or cities. Many campsites have outstanding centers with shower blocks, washing machines, on-site shops, play grounds and other facilities to keep you amused during your stay.

Some campsites in Cornwall are small and quiet, while others are larger and have bars, restaurants as well as clubs with routine entertainment for all the family. So you really can choose exactly what type of vacation would fit you and your family.

If you can incorporate these facilities with on-site activities such as golf, tennis, skateboarding and swimming, you can be sure to experience a family holiday to remember. Aside from that, you can also do other great activities in Cornwall, including surfing, kayaking, rock climbing, cycling or horse riding.

Plus there are many fantastic family attractions to visit in Cornwall. There are numerous museums, galleries, country houses and yards to check out. Kids love the Eden Project with its huge biomes packed with exotic plants, and educational exhibitions. Then there are the funfairs and amusement parks such as Flambards and Crealy, which are hugely popular with families seeing Cornwall.

So with all the great places to stay and so many fantastic things to do, camping in Cornwall truly is a remarkable way to spend a summer vacation with your family. As well as being a more affordable alternative to hotels and self-catering accommodation, camping is great for family bonding and spending time together in the great outdoors.

When choosing where to stay and what to do on your holiday in Cornwall, it is important to consider what all member of the family want to leave the holiday. Be sure to speak with them all and include them in making the last decision. This is to make sure that everyone will enjoy the vacation. But whatever you choose, you will never ever be sorry for selecting a family camping vacation in Cornwall.

Why Cornwall is a Special Travel Destination


Seaside Cottages in Cornwall

Cornwall has picturesque seaside towns with pretty whitewashed beach homes, excellent sandy beaches, rugged high cliffs, wild moors and rich green countryside to discover. It is a great place to visit, complete of natural, historical places and picturesque destinations such as castles and Celtic ruins. And now with a huge selection of wonderful tourist attractions, this makes Cornwall among the UK’s leading tourist destinations.

The environment is milder in this remote, south westerly part of Great Britain. For that reason the Cornish peninsula boasts subtropical gardens which motivate and impress people. Its steep cliffs are natural attractions worth the journey alone. With its place at the far fringes of mainland Britain, this finger of land is juts into the wild Atlantic Ocean and verged on its north eastern edge by the River Tamar, making it feel almost like an island of its own. This helps to offer Cornwall it’s own character and culture, and an actual sense of pride and self-reliance in its individuals.

All this makes Cornwall a much and special enjoyed holiday destination for vacationers from the UK and many nations worldwide. it is routinely voted the UK’s top vacationer location and for great factor. It’s a stunningly stunning destination with its own laid-back culture and dreamy atmosphere.

Cornwall has rich Celtic heritage with lots of standing stones and monoliths from its days as a remote location far away from English rule. It is  at Tintagel where the legend of King Arthur was born. And there are Celtic crosses and monoliths to check out everywhere.

During the industrial revolution Cornwall became one of the nation’s essential locations as its production of tin and clay were exported worldwide for the production of commercial materials. The remnants of these industries can be seen dotted around the landscape. The apparent outlines of tin mining engine houses are apparently all over and forever associated with the county of Cornwall. And it’s this human interaction with the landscape and environment that is now safeguarded in many UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the county.

Despite it’s commercial past, Cornwall remains a untainted and rural destination. There are still wild, wilderness areas and stunning countryside to explore and farming stays a large part of the economy here. If you step away from the villages and towns, and hectic beaches, to discover the interior, you will find yourself in a landscape untouched by time and effective and raw in its breathtaking beauty.

It is a rural area with a laid-back environment, you should not be mistaken for thinking Cornwall is old-fashioned. Recently Cornwall has gone through a little a revival and end up being a bit of a trendy location, with a large range of trendy hotels, fine dining establishments,  art galleries, cool shops and hip bars, coffee shop’s and dining establishments opening up in all corners of Cornwall. Celebrity chef Rick Stein has actually originated the culinary revolution in Cornwall, now followed by other Michelin starred dining establishments and great eateries up and down the county.

There are lots of excellent places to stay in Cornwall whatever your budget or preference. There are terrific hotels, B&B s, self catering lodges and hundreds of holiday houses in Cornwall where you can explore and base yourselves for  everything Cornwall needs to provide. Cornwall holiday cottages are fun places to stay with friends or family members. Likewise for those people wanting a cheaper holiday, there are numerous fine campgrounds and campsites in Cornwall to select from.

Newquay is one of the primary vacation locations in Cornwall and is world-famous for the sport of surfing. The beaches in Newquay and throughout Cornwall routinely produce fantastic waves to be taken pleasure in by all requirements of surfing. Together with kite surfing and other modern-day  activities, surfing has actually helped to put Cornwall on the map as a trendy place to engage and visit in all sort of adventure pursuits.

Whatever you desire to do on vacation, Cornwall has something for everyone. From romantic couples, to households with kids, to teenage and student explorers to groups of pals, Cornwall is a superb location to visit for a very unique holiday.